Since the company was established, we have taken the kernel ideals of innovation, profession, enthusiasm and quality, and by partnering with leading manufacturers to form strategic alliance, exploring new application market, we provide professional technical marketing, support and services to a variety of customers in all sorts of business sectors such as computer science, communication and transportation, and consumer electronics. In order to meet the needs of market and enhance the competitiveness of our customers, we continually strive to develop innovative and integrated light emitting diode (LED).

In addition to developing innovative and integrated light emitting diode (LED), we also set up an electrical and electronic passive components branch to offer our customers all kinds of capacitors, including TDKs MLCC, SPRAGUE & NECs tantalum electrolytic capacitor and Japanese SMD electrolytic capacitor.

We completely understand that if we want to maintain competitiveness, we have to provide value-added products and professional services to customers. Every single product we produce will be tested using rigorous test equipment and quality control procedures, ensuring product performance meet the needs of customers. We will not follow the steps of some competitors in the same trade offering poor quality products to customers because of the brisk market. We are here to provide professional integrated program and professional consultancy services to help customers breaking through and gaining advantage over competitors on the market.

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